Our Professional Team


 Like everything, Shellman Wealth
has a beginning. And a “why”.

Shellman Wealth was founded in 2003, the year after the banking crisis in Argentina and Uruguay. During the crisis, we saw many friends and acquaintances lose all their savings as a result of mismanagement of their investments. And along with their savings, they lost their financial security, something that could have been avoided. All they needed to do was follow the rules of sensible investing: develop a long-term financial plan, implement the plan efficiently and manage the risks.

At Shellman Wealth, we have followed these three simple rules for the past 16 years, in good times and bad. Our disciplined approach has paid off. In 2008, the most severe global financial crisis since the 1920´s, none of our clients suffered any permanent loss.

Our Team

We make investing simple for our clients. But doing it well, it takes hard work and a dedicated team of professionals.